Buick LeSabre Problem Report

Buick LeSabre Transmission Fluid Leak From Cooler Line

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The rubber section of an automatic transmission cooler line may develop a fluid leak . In some cases the leaking section of hose can be replaced. In others, the complete cooler line must be replaced to correct this concern.

Both transmission cooler lines were leaking. Both lines were replaced at a Buick dealer service department. -
Lines near rad are very weepy. I have not replaced them yet. 110,000mi. -
Dealer says transmission cooler lines leaking and needs to be replaced. I didn't get an estimate on the cost...Does anybody out there know how much? -
Rubber Transmission cooler lines leak -
I replaced mt 1994 LeSabre's transmission cooler lines THREE times due to the same exact problem. -
Transmission cooler lines started to leak at 142000 miles. Must fix soon............... -
Leak where hard line meets hose. -
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