Honda Pilot Problem Report

Honda Pilot Rough Idle/Harsh Shifting Due to Broken Front Engine Mount

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A rough idle and harsh transmission shift can be caused by a broken front engine mount. Replacing the broken mount will address these issues.

Dealer replaced motor mount. -
When my pilot EXL is parked on uneven surface, inclined or reclined, a hard shifting from Park to Drive is felt and a loud "chug" sound is heard. On the same uneven surface from Drive to Parked, there is no hard and harsh shifting felt nor a chug sound heard. I have been complaining about this to Honda but everytime I take it in for service and remind them of the uncommon feel and sound of my car from time of purchase brand new year 2010, up to present 2015, Honda have been responding to me " will do thatnext time when you bring it in for service. -
Engine mount weakens after 100,000 miles. Car is otherwise reliable. -
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