Ford Expedition Problem Report

Ford Expedition Rough Idle Due to Cracked PCV Hose

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The PCV hose may crack, causing the vehicle to idle roughly, this may or may not illuminate the Check Engine Light.

Rough idle, stalling on my 2000Expedition. Code came up as PO171. Found a leak in my PCV hose at bend. This is a Ford only part. Went to local Ford dealer and ordered the hose with the PCV valve included. Replaced it myself. Problem solved.Ford part # 2L1Z6758GA. -
replaced entire pcv hose assy including valve -
idled roughly, would die after idling for a few minutes, but when going down road would drive fine. pcv hose broken and was replaced, fixed problem -
Replaced with Bulk Fuel Line and resolved issue -
Pvc line busted. broke air leaking car goes death if you don't press the gas. -
I had extremely rough idle and most of the time it would not idle. I replaced the PCV plastic line with rubber hose. It has fixed the problem. -
slight missing at idle. getting code p0171 and 0174. -
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