Chevrolet Camaro Problem Report

Chevrolet Camaro Roller on window guide may break

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The roller on the window guide attached to the bottom of the window glass may break off and cause the window to come off track.

They are called 'retainers), three attach to the window itself, and of course PLASTIC ! G.M PART# 20096585(SL-N-B.At my Dealer they are $9.95 each. -
The roller on the vertical track on the driver side window broke loose from the frame on the glass. As of now currently looking for new parts but may have to weld in place. Dealer has no replacement parts and called around to glass dealers and they have no parts either. -
Had the same problem. Ended up pulling the window out of the car and welding the old window roller back in place. The roller was in good shape so reused it. I tried the epoxy route but it didn't hold. -
The vertical window guide ripped out of the rail on the bottom of the metal plate on the window. No fix as of yet. I do want to see if I can trim off the metal part of the guide roller and epoxy a bolt to it, then attach the bolt to the ripped metal piece on the bottom of the window... Just a thought and it is a lot easier than trying to put in a new metal piece. -
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