Reverse Gear Failures and/or Noise From Manual Transmission on Volkswagen Cabrio

Reverse gear failures and noise in the manual transmission models are common.

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Average mileage: 130,300 (66,000–172,890)
8 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
36 people reported this problem
17 people shared problem details
The reverse gear sounds as if it's missing a tooth on one of the gear wheels, so it goes clonk, clonk every time I reverse. I've decided that the few miles I actually roll in reverse doesn't justify the cost of going through an expensive gear box repair/replacement, so I just cross my fingers and hope it will last.
It will go into reverse but grind and not move. What will I have to replace to fix this problem.
When I shift into reverse it slips out of gear. Now the car won't stay in reverse long enough to go in reverse. When shifting the car sounds like the gears are are metal on metal very loud
noisy like a clicky noise when going in reverse but been having hard time getting it to shift into first gear its getting worse and sometimes reverse is hard to get in gear. not sure what to do
Knocking noise upon reverse; difficult to transition in to 2nd gear. Did not repair, but have adjusted to it, and now have 145K on the car.
Hard to shift gears, Making a loud noise. Now cant drive the car! Looking up to see whats wrong.
I just bought the car today and after bringing it home realized that reverse does not work...
Noise, wont stay in gear under any load........just bad!!
Reverse was going out when I got the car 3 years ago and within 3 months was completely gone, except occassioally it will engage and give a little bump when needed.
Mine is not a problem with reverse, but going into first gear- someone said it like this, "Sometimes first is there and sometimes it's not."
My manual transmission goes into reverse but does not move what can that be
Sounds like a tooth in the gear wheel is missing and when driving in reverse it makes a rattling sound. Will have it checked and once diagnosed, will follow up.
reverse makes a clicking noise. Won't go into 5th gear.
having a hard time shifting into 1st gear and now reverse. also when i put it in reverse it makes a weird clicking noise
just noisy, if its not broken why fix it?
Reverse sounds awfull. Solution: drive till it stops & call AAA for a trip home. by then maybe I will have my shop built and can rebuild the transmission.
Knocking rattle noise after shifting
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