Dodge Ram 1500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 1500 Replace Transmission Cooler Return Filter if it Has "AB" Suffix

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If the transmission delays initial gear engagement after being parked overnight or longer, it may be due to a suspect transmission cooler return filter. If the transmission was recently serviced and the part number for the cooler return filter contains an "AB" suffix at the end, a new filter should be installed.

After it sit for more than 8 hours the trans hesitates when put in drive. -
same as description in post, and once in gear it seemed like it was in a higher initial gear not low like it should -
Difficulty when taking off -
truck sits overnight. shifts out slow initially not resolved yet. -
Delay from park to drive. -
Truck Oooosi into gear at start up.It acts like it starts off in third gear or higher gear -
Transmission filter clogged and could not go over 20 mph -
same problem here when my truck has been sitting for a period of time -
trans slow to ingage when cold -
Slow engaging in the AM after overnight. Took to dealer numerous times no issues found could not repeat. One day the truck would not change gears while in Drive. Took it to dealer and they said filter was installed backwards and clogged. Replaced and installed correctly -
this is bad in the heat -
As descrbed! -
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