Mercedes-Benz S600 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz S600 Squeaking/Worn Brake Pads May Require Rotor Replacement Also

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The brakes may begin to squeak at about the 50 percent wear point. This is due to the size and material used for the brake pads and rotors.  The brake rotor surfaces become uneven, causing a lip to form at the outer edge. This will generally require replacement of the rotors when the pads are worn (pad life varies depending on driving style and terrain).

squeeks, when replaced had to replace rotors also, cost $1200 -
total cost so far $4800.00. Taking back to replace the hose another $1800.00 -
The local Brake company, Midas, was getting tired of seeing me when I complained of the brakes squeeling after multiple replacements of pads and rotors (which were all under Midas arranty). finally, the local Midas shopped purchased high tech carbon brake pads and components (instead of the standard) and the problem was resolved. -
brake pads and rotors had to be replaced. -
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