Pontiac Firebird Problem Report

Pontiac Firebird Rear Transmission Mounts Commonly Fail

(20 reports)

Failure of the rear transmission mounts is common.

replaced mount with energy suspension mount. worked ever since. -
rear transmission mount failure,can be fixed by replacing with urthane mount. -
I have always had issues once I had exhaust redone w no cat. Power loss at times. Put on a simulator on 4th O2 sensor, new Throttle Position Sensor, replaced one of three coil packs, and only minor improvement was made. Had my mechanic look at it as well. He couldnt come up with an answer, and he is familiar with my car. No check engine light coming on either. Recently had him replace some coolant hoses, and he tells me he flushed the whole system, and that my tranny tailshaft mount was torn. Actually, it was in two pieces. Researched, read blogs, and installed a poly mount. WOW! I was so impressed. Tightened up the flex at that joint when higher rpm clutching, so no more clunking sound, and has seemed to make the power loss/bogging down, simply disappear. So to the next Firebird owner, save lots of time and money by looking at that solution first, saying you have similar problems I did. -
Replaced the bushing while i put in a new clutch -
just purchased car, had to replace throw out bearing - noticed rear trans mount wasted; apparently common problem ??!!?? -
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