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Ford Focus rear door latch broken

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Both rear doors have latching problems. The right door doesn't latch at all and the left has intermittent problems. I have been quoted $665 by a ford dealer to replace both and $1100 by a non-ford facility. Like a prior review said...this should not happen, even with the mileage, because these doors are not used that often since we don't have kids at home. Ford needs to recall or provide service for this seems very prevelant looking at different websites. -
2006 Ford Focus ZX5 rear hatch won't latch at all now. It was beginning to not unlatch from the keyfob or from the car when the button was latched intermittently. But it would latch and open with the key. It was working from the keyfob and from the inside button and then today, it opened and won't close/latch. Like I saw mentioned here. We don't use the rear hatch that often. I've rarely heard of cars having this issue, until I did a google search and found this site. It looks like I begin the hunt for a replacement latch. Rod Hope this edit's, the first post had the year as 2002 but it is a 2006 ZX5 Hatchback -
Read door latch is broken -
Drivers side back door wont close, appears to be the latch mechanism not working. -
Same thing happened to me door opened up on me I had to have it replaced the latches I'll check on the repair for the latches something like 600 some dollars and ford should replace them at no cost to the consumer's for safety reasons -
I opened the rear passenger side door of my sedan and wouldn't close after that. Seems that the latch is broken and wont stay shut, a slight pull opens the door again. I had to rig up some rope to keep the door closed and manually move the latch to a closed position so the lights inside wont kill the battery since it thinks a door is open. -
The rear driverside door would not stay shut. We tried everything but the latch would not latch. We ended up taking it to our mechanic and he had to replace the entire latch mechanism. This should never happen considering that this door is hardly used and the car only has 37000 miles on it. -
I just starting having this issue. I noticed if you press the trunk pop button on the dash and then try and close it again, the trunk will close. -
driver side rear door will not latch properly. -
all four of my doors are broken. all four from the outside, 2 from the inside as well as the outside. -
right rear door would not shut had to replace door latch, now again right rear door same problem, rear doors are hardly ever used! -
I have the same problems. Both rear doors are not working. Ford should do a better job bcz the prices for these locks r not cheap. -
I have the same problem as everybody else 2013 Ford Fiesta rear passenger door will not stay shut this is a work car nobody's ever been in the back seat I open it up the other day to get my suitcase out and the door will not shut I had to put a bungee cord between the two door handles to hold the car door shut I called the Ford dealer in Palm Springs to my surprise they had two in stock wanted $110 I called for they said they're not aware of the problem I told them and its all over the internet they told me to go ahead and have the dealer fix it if they get a recall they would reimburse meI told him that it was a safety issue and they should fix it -
I have the same problem, but with my trunk latch. I've had the latch replaced 3 times and it still is finicky about whether or not it latches -
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