Ford Explorer Problem Report

Ford Explorer Coolant Leak/Overheating Due to Radiator Leak

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A coolant leak may develop from the radiator. Ford has released and updated radiator and powertrain control module (PCM) software update to address this issue. The software update includes revised cooling fan operating parameters. Failure to complete both service procedures may result in repeated radiator failures.

bought explorer a used 2011 explorer in 2012 and had to replaced radiator fan twice so far. ford replaced it for free because it was still under warranty -
Check engine light went on & What I initialed thought was an oil leak, it turned out to be antifreeze on the ground. The local mechanic replaced the radiator & is taking it to a ford dealer for a software update which includes new cooling parameters. Hopefully this will keep it from happening again. -
Radiator leaking -
3 Radiators Replaced leaking -
replaced radiator -
All the coolant leaked out onto my garage floor overnight. Repair shop replaced the radiator and mentioned that radiators for 2006 Ford Explorers are becoming hard to locate due to the number of complaints that are being reported recently. I contacted the Ford dealer prior to getting my vehicle into a nearby shop. The Ford service reps never bothered to get back to me on this problem. -
Engine kept "reving" when accelerating out of low gear. Had transmission serviced twice without any resolution. Finally drove car around with tech and diagnostic computer. Saw temp gauge going up and down slightly when accelerating. Checked radiator and found crack in seam. Clearly a defect but ford would not cover repair. $900 to replace radiator with only a 1 year warranty. -
radiator busted at a seam. Replaced with extended warranty for free. -
Radiator leaks. The radiator repair man says Explorers are notorious for this, sometimes needing radiator repair/replacement every other year. -
Car needed a new radiator, due to leaking (driveway spots). Extended warranty purchased through CarMax covered all but a $50 deductible. Have read this is a somewhat common problem for this vehicle. -
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