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I changed the fuel filter, spark plugs and wiring. The check engine light is on and the transmission light comes on when driven. When I restart the engine the transmission light is off. I have not taken the car in t...
if battery is cracked by post is it still safe to use?
is the capacity of oil the same for a 94 as a 96XJ12?
Fabulous vehicle-love it. Have driven it for 3 years with no real problems. I do routine maintenance. Now, car starts up every time with no problem. Runs for about 20 minutes before it fails. Starts right back up aft...
how many quarts does it take to do oil change
where can I buy a fuel pressure rebuild kit for the fuel rail pressure regulator
The engine light is coming on intermitently and has gone to the dealer to be checked out. What may the engine light on mean?