Problems With Electric Power Steering System May Require Steering Column Replacement on Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

Various issues with the electric power steering system may develop and could require replacement of steering column assembly.

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Average mileage: 100,137 (17,300–173,000)
4 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 more
70 people reported this problem
51 people shared problem details
ding ding ding check engine light shape of a wrench , then cant steer. this has been going on since i bought the car in 2008. the dealership couldnt replicate the problem.. my used car warranty w them ran out. putting it in park and restarting used to reset the steering. not anymore. ive been stuck driving it with no power steering for more than a year now. first out of stubbornness i refused to pay, ive not had $ to fix it so i contacted chevy, they want me to pay the diagnostic then maybe theyll pay to fix it. this has almost caused many accidents. this is a design problem! im not paying to fix it! same thing w the cobalts! they got recalled, these need recalled too!
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My 2004 Maxx is at the dealership now having the steering column replaced for the 3rd time ($1,0000 repair bill and Chevrolet refuses to cover). That's right 3rd time. Must be replaced every 20,000 miles or so. Chevrolet recalled several models and years for the same issue, but not the Malibu or Malibu Maxx. Go figure.
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Have had the steering column and PS replaced 3 times---once under warranty and the other 2 were out of my pocket. Hundreds of complaints registered with NHTSA. Can review all complaints at
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Lost power steering. Took it to dealer asked about bulletin but they denied any. However after looking at they said that GM in goodwill will cover the cost of part. Still want 455.00 to repaire. I left and went home without the repaire, and called GM and am trying to get them to cover all costs. Please report promblems to Mabey GM will get the hint.
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Steering wheel would not turn while attempting to back out. Jerking/pulling of steering wheel once car had stopped at a light or after parking. Power Steering warning flashed on dash. Recall with Chevy Delaership for 2005 Chevy with under 100,000 miles. Had dealer fixed with no issue and charge to me.
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light came on the car will shut off while driving, now it hard to turn, comes and goes it gets worse when it get hot, but when its cold it drives fine, got letter from gm and since i was over my mileage they refused to fix all asked if i can pay half 1500 and they would pay the now daughter is driving a dangerous car.....we are trying to save to get it done but by then i think the offer will be gone
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The wheel just stoped on me in the middle of traffic, I had to pull over it took me a while didn't know what was the problem @ THE TIME i HAVE HAD the car only one year $797 later I had to fist the the sterring wheel column , now I have another problem with the head Gasket it has blown blown apparently and now I'm paying $1887.00 for it!!!! I'm so disapointed in this car if the problms were
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power steering failure
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Mine has been replaced twice.
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lost all power steering elec. type pump
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power steering problems, whole power steering column replaced
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Power steering lockd up while driving and you cant steer. Steering overall is loose and clunky and scary
I have a 2009 Malibu i have not had any problems with it i woke up this morning got in it and the dinging started with Power Steering Service Message. I have a 110,000 miles.
Taking to get fix but car power steering is making noise. Fluid has to be replaced twice still makes noise. Hard turning
Having the same problem, just bought this car. How do I report it and get it fixed
The power steering would not work this morning, the dashboard indicated power steering error. I could barely turn the wheel. Thankfully I was in my parking lot. It was fine last night driving home. My local shop gave me pointers, but as this is now part of a recall, my local shop can't get paid back from GM. My GM dealership is happy to fix this, on Monday. No spills, no grinding noises as it's not frozen fluid (1F this am), but an electrical issue suddenly not working.
steering locks up like u dont have power steering almost caused 10 accibents with 4 children involved shut car off and then restart and it will work for awhile
2004 malbu changed the whole steering assembly a year ago before recall whole system needs to be changed again...cant get reimbursemant from dealer ...does someone have to crash and die to get this stuff straight
Service light came on with a ding, and I lost all power steering. Still able to drive the car with much more effort. Called GM and there is a recall on some of the Malibu Maxxs. Bulletin 14116 - look it up and you may be able to get it fixed for free.
the power steering went off completely why I was trying to park the car. I had to park manually, very hard to do it. I turned it off the engine, and when I turned back on, it was fine..
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