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Honda Accord Problems Shifting Into 3rd Gear

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Some models have shift quality problems when shifting into third gear. A new "third gear set" from Honda will address this issue.

My honda accord 1991 has a problem with the gears also it only gets to the 2nd gear and does not go into 3rd, it suddenly slips into nutral gear, I have taken it to mechanics and can not make it work, and also the dash board does not mark the speed, temperature, gas, and gear, and also the RPMs??? whats the problem with my car? help... -
Vibration when shifting to 3rd gear -
Doesn't want to shift into 3rd and 4th gear sometimes. -
It just keeps popping out of 3rd. Usually grinds when it does this. -
Car will shift once it hits 40 mph and has a sustained humming roaring noise. I feel for sure it is the transmission, waiting to hear back from dealership. -
car will not shift into 3rd gear,three fixes later still not fixed at honda dealer -
has not been fixed honda should fix this at no charge -
I installed a new transmission module control unit which is located until the passenger floorboard and it fixed this problem. -
not a secure shift into 3rd gear. if i don't apply a lot of pressure and hold shifter in third while releasing the clutch,the shifter is bearly in gear and has even popped out of gear. -
I just had this into the dealer this morning, and they said they test drove it and could not duplicate. It hasn't been fixed. Honda needs to do a recall on 2008 Honda Accords at least, as they are experiencing many problems. I AM THINKING TOYOTA for my next car. -
Transmission rebuilt under warranty -
Bought our 5 speed manual Accord new in 08, started having 3rd gear shift problems at 5,000 miles. It would occasionally pop out of third and grind. Dealership told me it was how I was shifting it. Really? They couldn't replicate it. Go figure. Told me there were no known issues. Tried a gear lube change with Honda conventional gear lube. It worked for about five thousand miles. Ended up having a trusted mechanic change the gear lube and put in BG Syncroshift 2 synthetic and bingo! It shifted like butter! That was more than 50 thousand miles ago and my car has 84K + now. It's just started to do it again, so the wife tells me... time to change it again... So if you are having problems with this, just give synthetic gear lube a try. -
Problem shift in first and third sometimes and fall out of gear in third -
5 speed manual pops out of third gear -
Not a secure shift into 3rd, will sometime pop out and grind. Been living with it since day 1, now have 157,000 miles with no change in the condition. -
hard shifting into 3rd gear. I have to push hard and hold it or it kicks back into neutral. -
every 20-50 shifts, sometimes more, it won't properly shift into third from second gear. Dealer said they couldn't replicate, so I took the mechanic for a test drive and voila, now they say they are "looking into it". -
Sometimes hard shifting into 3rd gear. I have to push hard and hold it or it kicks back into neutral. -
My 2004 Honda Accord is doing the same thing as I have read with others. I drive an automatic, but whenever my car is trying to shift from 2nd to 3rd it just goes into neutral and I have to let off the gas and sometimes it goes into gear and sometimes it doesn't. But once it gets into gear it doesn't come out. 4th gear is fine. I had a switched replaced that was about $85 and that just made my problem WAY worse. Now I can't drive at all. It won't shift into 3rd at all. I took it to Honda and they said its the transmission. They said its worn down. Now I'm waiting to take it to a transmission place because Honda can't do it there. -
When shifting from second to third, it often kicks the shifter into neutral. I've driven manual for over 14 years an have never had this as an issue on any car I've driven until this. I've owned this Accord for just over a month and has had this problem the entire time (I originally thought it may have just been me). -
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