Honda Civic Hybrid Problem Report

Honda Civic Hybrid Problem with the IMA Light on

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The IMA light coming on is usually caused by a battery pack that is no longer charging correctly. Replacing the battery pack will turn off the IMA light.

I've had the check engine, IMA and SRS lights on for about three years. The dealership declined to repair the SRS saying that the problem was in the wiring harness which "is not part of the SRS system." Although, it boggles the mind to understand how something "not part of the system" could cause the system to potentially not operate correctly. I now have 290,000 miles on the vehicle; still getting 45-48 MPG, even without the IMA operating. Honda technicians assure me that there is no danger of the battery pack overheating or causing a fire, so I plan to drive it to failure. -
My car is a Honda Civic Hybrid 03 model. But a few days ago the IMA Light on the dashboard and I don't know what I have to do. Please help me... -
IMA light comes on and goes off depending on fuel tank fill up status it seems. Engine light stays on now and IMA light continues to go on and come off. -
Ima light on and check engine light on -
check engine light, ima light, and eps light came on -
IMA Light on my 2009 Honda Civic MX -
IMA light on -
Ima light on -
IMA light on due to hybrid battery failure. Repair costs $2600 -
ImA light on , sometimes it goes off I just drive it with it on -
My check engine light went on and IMA light came on as well. I went to the dealership and they told me that the hybrid battery was missing some codes. They reprogrammed the battery and then it went off for a while. Then the light came back on and the dealership said that I need a new hybrid battery. What do I do now? -
I went into the dealership that I purchased the car from and they said it would cost around $3,400 for a new one. Nothing can be done to recharge or fix the old one. -
Exact same problem, no solution as of yet. -
The part was replace, fuel tank had to be removed to get to it, cost was around $300 and the engine light will not go off. When they check it shows IMA, I've had it turned off 5 times and after a day or less check engine light will come back on. -
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