Chevrolet Monte Carlo Problem Report

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Power Window Not Working Due to Failed Switch

(23 reports)

One or more of the power windows may stop working due to a failed window switch. Failed switches will require replacement.

Drivers side window switch started to gradually short out and eventually completely failed. -
driver power window decided to go crooked on me and went up slow as molasses....was like this for 2 years....sometimes it wouldnt go back up for days. -
window switch went bad found on amazon at a good price -
Had this issue with the driver-side power window switch. Had to be replaced. -
Window goes down fine, but don't go up. This switch can only be replaced by another 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo switch -
Sometimes the power windows, usually the driver side just won't go up. I haven't had it repaired, just a good thump to the switch area gets it going again. -
Not fixed at this time yet -
replaced motor -
My driver's side power window regulator and motor has been replaced three, count them, three times ... working on fourth replacement as I type this. -
I replaced the switch myself on drivers side. Easy repair! Save the money and do it yourself :) -
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