Chevrolet Cavalier Problem Report

Chevrolet Cavalier Power Window Not Working Due to Window Motor

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A door window may move slowly or stop in mid travel due to a failing power window motor. The affected window may start working again after the motor cools off. Replacing the faulty window motor will commonly correct this concern.

The windows will only work for about 1 second at a time. After, I have to wait another minute for the windows to work again another second. I haven't had this looked at yet. -
Window want go back up have to wait a few mins then try it again, Then it will go up a little then stop again. What could wrong... -
my passenger side window has been doing this forever...i have to wait 5 to 10 mins to make it go up anywhere i go cause it just stops..its so annoying -
This is an awful problem on these cars, has happened to me over 5 times between my two windows. -
It first started with the driver window and then another, and another, and another. Now all windows have the same problem. GM should take responsibility and fix this problem. This is the second cavalier I own and they both had the same problem. -
The driver's side window motor quit working and the passenger side one is very slow. -
Passenger side window was sluggish when I bought the car used, 135,000 miles. Soon after it would only moved few inches at a time. Had to wait few minutes and it would move a few more inches. Cold weather compounded the issue. Some months later same problem now with driver side. Switch works, motors are getting power, tracks are well lubed. Regulators need to be replaced. Chevy needs to own up to this! -
My power window motor on my driver's side went out about a year ago and I had to pay a ridiculous amount to get it fixed which meant completely replacing the motor. It started out very sluggish and then eventually went out completely. -
Same thing -
drivers side window -
Bought the car used, windows worked for about a month. 3 of them work but the passenger one will not roll down now!!! Frustrating -
Window only goes up one inch at a time. -
Back passenger side window went down about 6 inches now wont move at all. -
The power windows stopped working. There are no replacement motors for the car anymore unless you want to pay a lot of money. The car is almost on its last legs now and I refused to put more money into it. -
the rear window of passenger side is not working -
Power window on drivers side stops midway while being raised. If I wait short time I can get it to power up some more but then it stops again. Please bring back hand roll up windows so less potential repair costs. -
Passenger power window was stalling and you had to wait about 30-60 sec between trying to put up again. Now not going up at all. -
have replaced four motors - so tired of it! Got the car in 2006 - since then have replaced both front motors twice each. -
The problem came on not long after I purchased the car. The dealer replace them serveral times under warrenty, but its my problem now -
The power windows will roll down fine but will not roll up on the drivers side. I have determined that the cause is a power window motor failure. I am have only been able to get the window to go up only a centimeter or so at a time. The drivers side window is currently stuck down about an inch with the motor not responding. The part cost is $67 at a Chevrolet dealer plus labor. The motor assembly is riveted into place instead of being secured with bolts. DIY repair appears simple but proper motor removal and replacement could be more difficult due to placement and mounting. -
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