Pontiac Grand Prix Problem Report

Pontiac Grand Prix Power Windows May Stop Working

(33 reports)

One or more power windows may stop working due to a failed window motor or switch. Proper diagnoses will be necessary to determine the exact cause.

Rear drivers side window stopped working, replaced the motor, still not working. Got a new master switch, now the front switch won't work at all for that window, and the switch on that door will only put the window down, not up. -
My winwods are not working at this time. they just stopped one at a time. -
First the passage side window will not roll down from the driver side main control,but it will go down from passage side,next on the same side but back window will not roll up are down,it is stuck in the down poistion -
Back window will not go up. -
back window goes down with back switch not up and does not work on drivers switch can you jump wiring at switch -
3 of 4 windows not operating -
drivers window wont go down -
they all stop working at once. -
driver side window rolls down but when trying to roll it back up it will only go a short distance and then stop i either have to pull up on window while i opperate switch or wait for about 5 mins then try again for it to only roll up another short distance -
Rear driver window will not raise. Already replaced the motor and regulator once about 4 years ago at about 105K -
First it was my driver window regulator now my passanger window quit. -
My brother slammed the passenger door shut one day and the window would not go down. After a few days looking up solutions I went outside and slammed the door shut again and the window now works perfectly. John Nowell -
right rear window wont roll down anymore-didn't fix the problem -
Driver-side window motor failed. Had it replaced. -
My power window went out and it was 400 dollars to get fixed. I was not expecting it to be that much. My wires were bad but I had to buy a new motor, since the wires are connected to the motor. -
The same ones keep going bad all the time. We have replaced the motors and still the same. We have two windows that don't work right now and it's frustrating. We had someone tell us it was the actuators that are bad. Never heard of them before but if it helps someone that's great. -
havent had fixed yet. all 4 do not work. tried new switches didnt fix it, motors are good, thinking it is bad wiring... -
Driver window off track had it fixed once months later back off track so I just keep it up. -
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