Mercedes-Benz ML320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML320 Power Window Main Switch May Fail

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The power window switch may fail and the windows will not raise. The main switch at the front center console is commonly at fault. A failed switch will require replacement.

i went online and repaired window switch myself. it took alot of guts on my part to take apart the entire console but with the detailed instructions from google i was able to do it. -
Power window circuit boasrd had to be replaced. Without warning driver window stuck in the down position -
Driver's side window motor stalls. The window won't roll up or down;have to do it manually. -
Driver window went down but wouldn't come back up. Took blow dryer to switch and the heat caused the switch to make connection so window could go up. Replaced Switch @ 200.00 -
My drivers side power window switch stopped working. The window would go about half way up then stop. This started a few days ago. The window would eventually go up when I continually try the switch. Today the window went down and will not go back up. This seems to be a common issue with this particular vehicle. Why hasn't Mercedes conducted a RECALL on this switch?!! -
Driver side window would only go down but not up, had to replace the console switch assembly. This happened once in 2006 and then did it again in 2010. -
Driver side power window will not close. Replace switch. -
Driver side power window won't close. Will go down but not up. -
Driver window stuck down. Followed a suggestion with warming switch with a blow dryer (thank you to the person who posted the idea). Window went up and switch will be repaired at another time. -
All window will not work,that included both side mirror. Will try to replace main switch on center console -
Driver's window would not go up. I had the assembly replaced October 2012 and now (July 2014) the replacement has failed. The local Mercedes dealer says it is out of the one year warranty and I must buy a new part. -
Try letting the driver window down and the passager window went down and vice versa, then no power to let any of the windows down. -
window will not go up or down how do I fixed this -
Replaced this part three times -
Problem started with the other day. The window switch let it go down but not up... -
driver side window would not close. I think it was from rain entering car from sunroof once too often. This is a bad design. Many times I had a wet seat. Did not think to dry switches with hair drier. Took to Mehta Motors locally, switched out unit and drove for a year. -
Right side passenger power window power failed, it was actually the motor controlling the window. Window got stuck half-way down. Had motor replaced, cost about $400. -
The power windows on driver's side would not go up and down as supposed to using the switch from the center console. Sometimes it would only just go down and not back up. I assumed it was the motor, which I would then be required to purchase and replace. As it turned out, all I had to do was take out the power window switch control and clean the contacts. I also had to bend the drivers's contact slightly to ensure contact. That was it! I put it all back together and it's been working since. -
All the buttons came off due to me trying to put the window back up. For the life of me I couldn't put the window back up and my passanger window will not go down. -
Buy new one?, too expensive -
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