Mercedes-Benz ML430 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML430 Power Window Main Switch May Fail

(18 reports)

The power window switch may fail and the windows will not raise. The main switch at the front center console is commonly at fault. A failed switch will require replacement.

driver side pwr window won't raise -
Windows wouldn't go up or down without pressing switch hard in different directions...replaced great! -
This car has so many problems the window is just the icing. The brake light doesn't go away and no one seems to know what is the problem. The window doesn't want to go up. The car makes a humming noise when it's off. How can I fix all this without paying an arm and a leg. -
None of my widows go down or up don't know why -
Had to replace the complete switch panel near the gear change stick... -
widow switch power has failed and will not raise back up. I was told that it is the main switch -
My windows will not roll up or down and my door locks to up and down repeatedly after using my remote key and after locking the doors from inside the car. My backseat right door will not lock at all -
Actually a 1998, for a few months, window would be difficult to get back up but would always go after messing around with it. Now it is totally unresponsive -
Windows wouldn't go up or down. how can i fix it? pls help me -
Door window down; switch doesn't work-getting it repaired. -
the switch contact are not good, spring is too soft. -
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