Mercedes-Benz ML320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML320 Power Steering Return Hose May Leak at Radiator Cooler Fitting

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The power steering return hose may leak at the radiator cooler fitting. If the clamp is not properly tightened, the hose can blow off, causing increased steering effort and a mess under the hood.

power steering leak. i found a recall on power steering leak, recall # 08v465000 power steering hose connection recall MB -
Yep. Same thing here. -
always have to put power steering flued -
I have the same problem with my 2000 ML320 Power Steering leaks all the time. I have to carry a bottle of fluid with me at all times but know one can seem to find where the leak is coming from. -
When making a turn very hard to do with plenty of fluid -
hose old and worn, hose clamp caused hose to rip -
The problem has gotten increasingly worse, we have to keep bottle of power steering fluid in the car with us at all times because of how fast it leaks out, I did not realize other people was having this problem Joy -
same problem -
exact same issue with power steering return hose -
it happened twice, first when it was around 45000 miles, second time it happened when it was 62000 miles -
Transmission cooler line leaking at radiator causing fluid to be sucked into air box. -
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major coolant leak. as soon as i put coolant it leaks out. coming from the front of the engine...
leak getting worse front left under oil filter but not filter cap
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