Mercedes-Benz ML350 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML350 Power Steering Return Hose May Leak at Radiator Cooler Fitting

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The power steering return hose may leak at the radiator cooler fitting. If the clamp is not properly tightened, the hose can blow off, causing increased steering effort and a mess under the hood.

The hose blew off, dumping fluid everywhere. Luckily, I was stopped and turning into my driveway. I don't want to think about it if this happened when I was cornering at high speed! My service consultant told me that the hose blew, spewing fluid over the belts. The hose and belts need to be replaced, with labor $1000! I asked what would cause a car that is serviced yearly by them and garaged most of the time to do this. His response, we can't xray the hoses and have no way of knowing the integrity on the inside! I am wondering if this is another Mercedes defective part issues that they don't want to deal with? -
This issue should be considered with "Loss of Power Steering Due to Leaking Steering Rack" as they are likely both related to overall issues with the power steering system (which has already had two safety recalls). I have had consistently recurring issues with power steering fluid leaks despite five different service repairs. This particular issue was identified this last fall. What does Mercedes-Benz plan to to do about it? -
Power steering return line leaking on the radiator side -
Hose blew off with no warning. Fluid everywhere. Even though there is a known recall for this issue, I'm not covered. -
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