Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe Power Door Lock Actuators May Fail

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The power door lock actuators may become slow to operate or stop working completely and require replacement.

Yep, power door locks no longer work. Pain in the ass to use the key and likewise for the rear door elect lock no longer works -
First the rear passenger door would work intermittently, now the front passenger door has stopped completely. Worst thing is that there is no keyhole on the passenger side, so I have to reach over and unlock all the time. I am going to use a local shop vs. the dealer. Dealer quote was over $600 to repair both. -
both left side accuators failed looking to repair myself -
Both rear door lock actuators failed starting around 38000 miles. I replaced them both myself. Now at 52000 miles, and a 6 year old truck, the front passenger door lock actuator is now dead. I called Chevrolet and they said sorry not our problem. I said really, three out of the four fail and its not a manufactures defect. This is my last GM product. They wont stand behind their products. They must be paying to much out to pay for failed ignition switches to help anyone else with the junk they purchased from GM. Im a Ford Customer from now own. Thanks for nothing Chevrolet. -
Front passenger door does not lock or unlock! 2009 Chevy Tahoe -
Lock button aint working after I changed fuse -
Power locks would work Dealership repair, several hundred for the front only -
Front passager door lock stopped working and then the rear driver side door lock stopped working... -
Both my rear doors will not unlock with the switch or keyless remote but if you unlock manually they will lock with both. We just purchased this used from a used car dealer and they did replace the relay because at first the front doors were the only ones that worked with the switch, both the rear doors and the hatchback would not even lock and the hatchback does not have a way to manually lock it either. When they first replaced the relay, all locks worked fine for a couple days then one morning both of the rear doors stopped unlocking but hatchback still worked, that afternoon it was working again, couple days later, both rear doors stopped unlocking again, hatchback is still working, thought it might be a bad relay, took it back to the dealer, they put in a new relay, same thing, this is when they told me it has to be the door lock actuator in both of the rear doors. They gave me the part numbers and told me that if I pay for the parts they would replace them for me, free of charge, because I could actually get the parts cheaper online then they could locally. So just waiting on the 2 actuators now. I am having a hard time finding any how to video or guides though on how to replace them, just interested , because we live about 45 minutes from the dealer and if it is something that I can easily replace myself it would be worth saving the gas. -
Rear passenger auto door lock started to go and is now gone. If I'm driving I roll window down, if not I have to reach back and unlock. I tried WD-40 thought it was stuck but now it is gone completely. Will look at replacing myself. -
Passenger front and driver rear actuators out. -
The drivers door, passenger door on drivers side and rear window and door locks have stopped working for about a year and 1/2 ago. This makes it a safety hazard and wasted space in the rear of the vehicle. -
Driver door latch and rear latch will not open with power, have to use key from outside -
Back door (cargo door) lock actuator replaced @ 95,000 miles. Replaced again @ 170,000. Needs replacing again now @ 220,000 miles. I think there may be a design flaw here. -
Back cargo door lock actuator failed. (not lift gate model) so I can't find an y replacement parts. Need help with part location. -
driver power door lock actuator failed -
Driver's door and passenger door on that side will not lock or unlock with remote. We have not fixed the problem but it is very annoying. -
Rear door actuator quit working. Thought it might be the contacts but after cleaning it still does not lock -
I have replaced 4 out of 5 actuators. -
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