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two days ago I ran my Boxter out of fuel and after I put fuel in it the throttle is ineffective.
I have a rattling noise, seems to be the ac compresor, its on the passenger side, next to the door, any suggestions on that?
I just bough a 2001 Boxster S and have the Following Problems: ** Door rattle on the Dirvers side. How do you remove the door panel to see what it is? ** Intermittent muffler chatter. Check for loose brackets found ...
Since Porsche is import cars, is the maintenance such as oil and replace break pad cost more then most Japanese made cars?
I was told by the dealership that my 2000 Boxster S needs new 02 sensors. Do you reccomend changing all 4? Do you need to use the original parts or is there an okay replacement part? Will the check engine light go...