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I am doing a retrofit of the base radio to the OEM PSM 2.1 Navigation.
I can turn on my headlights but when I pull the knob for the fog lights to engage they will come on but once I release they shut back off and the only way they will stay on is if I hold the button out
Clutch pressure plate gone?...or hydraulics going? Feels like the old scenario of someone "riding the clutch"
The Porsche parts people do not know what it is Can you help?
I'm wondering if she hit a speed bump? What could cause the car to leak from both the front and back? The front leak looked more like thick liquid (it was night out) and the back leak looked more liquidy (it didn't "p...
brakes wont return after applied seems like vacum prob it causes engine to drag or stall. very dangerous
the actual audio noise goes out but the Navi/audio display is on and functional its like someone unplugged the speakers its 2004 cayenne s nothing aftermarket can anyone help
Recently purchased an 03 Cayenne S with just over 130k. Had it checked out and no leaks or problems with the cooling pipes. Also a clean CarFax. Recently hear what I thought was the cd player going out,but with furthe...
i have 1986 944 turbo my interior temp. is erratic how to fix
When you try and turn it over the starter clicks, everything shuts off and wont start.
Any tips on how to prevent my multi-disc CD player located in the back access through the tailgate, from skipping so much??
I can re-boot, but System Failure message returns. What could be causing the problem?
I took the existing cooling fan relay apart.check the contacts .reinstalled it.and the fan wasn't cooling after I turn the car off running hot.hopefull thinking I bought a new relay.and the problem was the same, staye...
sweets from top and drips down no sign of leaking open hood and moisture on the underside of hood in front (911 conbvertable)
i have a little tear just over the rear window where the top bend to fold down it look like premature wear
I had a new battery installed on the 944s porsche and a week later I needed a jump start because the battery drained.
Trans has a problem coming out of low start-up range. Takes a long time to accelerate in the lower gears. When trying to get to highway cruising speeds, it slowly accelerates to 55 MPH and locks into that speed, not...
I've been looking through the owners manual but it doesn't say anything!
It just started doing this and after about 5 min it starts to sputter and then dies.