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recently had right window regulator replaced. all worked fine till today. put top down on my 99 Boxster and windows went down like normal. Put top up and windows will only go up half way.
very hard to turn the key when inserted and very hard to take out, sometimes when key is removed power is still on. is it the ignition switch??
I remove the battery and put it back and just one click its start again but after I turn off the engine and start it again no cranking. then I remove the battery again and put it back after couple of hour its start.My...
how do you remove left side mirror housing needs to be replaced cracked
left side mirror housing is cracked. need to be replaced
Detailed instructions on ignition module removal, and installation. Please
the cam cover has visible leaks but not dripping, does it needs to be resealed? fire hazard?
I installed head gasket on that side,I have 185 lbs compression and getting fuel im just not getting spark to 4,5,6, cylinders.Any ideas?
The horn is sticking on without applying pressure. What needs to be fixed?
Out of town for a week. battery dead when I returned. The levers that release the front and rear compartments seem locked. Battery has gone dead a few times before and this never happened. Any ideas?
What is your recommendation for frequency of oil change for a low milage driven Boxster (less than 5000 miles a yesr.) Thank you.
battery died security system has locked out the latch for the hood. how do i get it open ?
  How much does it cost to fix/repair the final drive bearings in the transaxle? Can you recommend a good mechanic in San Diego? Thanks, Brad
My 1999 Boxster (70k miles) has recently become louder while driving. It starts to get loud once the car gets up over approx 25 mph. At higher speeds if I place the engine in neutral the noise does not diminish. I...
about how much will it cost me to get my car serviced at 90,000miles at the dealer?