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I can turn on my headlights but when I pull the knob for the fog lights to engage they will come on but once I release they shut back off and the only way they will stay on is if I hold the button out
Both trunk releasers are stuck wont open, gas lid is also stuck. No dead battery, the only thing is that I don't have the remote working is just a empty shell. I know how to manually open the trunks what I need is to ...
white smoke billows when starting - recedes after about 5 minutes, but is using/burning oil, about one quart per 100 miles - have been told it is the oil separator for sure - any coments, and, where is it located?? ...
I have an electrical short and my horn goes off when I step on the brake or open the door.
water leak i checked the bottom hoses and there ok the water is coming from above the bottom hoses in the engine area
How do i rebuild a transmission for a 97 porsche boxster? Transmission is ZF5HP19. It is an automatic.
The remote key lock, windows and trunk lids have stopped working. Any ideas????