Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Engine Oil Leaks Due to Porous Engine Block Casting

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The engine may develop and oil leak due to a porous engine block casting. The repair procedure is dependent on where the leak is located. Honda has released a service bulletin covering model years 1998-2003. Honda may offer assistance with repairs, determined on a case by case basis.

I have had this Honda Accord now for a year and a half, with no problems, never overheated, excellent mileage etc. and 3 weeks ago I discovered a substance resembling molasses in the coolant expansion reservoir, then I opened the radiator cap and discovered more of that substance in the radiator, checked the engine oil level and it dropped closer to the lower dot. I always ensure that the oil level is between the 2 dots The engine oil is super clean no trace of any coolant, so I am assuming there is a crack in the engine. I constantly monitor the engine oil level and top it off as needed ( approx 1 quart per 1000 kilometers), and I also empty out the expansion bottle into a waste oil container once a week and fill it with fresh coolant . The upper radiator hose was also replaced because it started to deteriorate. I am not sure what to do to fix the problem, other than replace the engine, what other solution is there ? thanks Carlos -
I was told by the Honda dealer that my Honda has a porous block and the only way to fix it is to replace the engine with a used engine because they can not get a new engine. How do I know the used engine will not have a porous block? -
Have had to replace head along with heater core and have to flush out oil in cooling system. Quite frustrating. I certainly would not re-sale this car for more than 500 to 1000 dollars. Bought it for around 4000 a few years ago. I don't think as highly of Honda as I used to. Will just have to keep flushing it out until we find another vehicle that is dependable. -
Replaced head gasket. Still find oil in radiator. Must be a leak in the block. I wish Honda would admit the problem so there could be a diagnostic. A lot of people have wasted a lot of repair money on a design flaw that has no fix. -
We just got this car and now, we have oil in the cooling system. I was told I have a "porous" engine block and need to replace the engine. Also, the check engine light is on and I was told that I may need to replace the computer. I was told "this is a problem car". This is all adding up to close to $4,000! I am wondering should I keep this car or trade it for something without so many problems? -
oil started to leak into the coolant. The leakage is getting worse with time -
I just recent noticed oil leak on my Honda 2003 Accord Ex V6. I was told by Honda service team that they were not 100% sure until they have to remove the transmission to determine the cause for sure. With 64K miles and good maintenance record from Honda service. I was told that could be cause by engine block which may cause 5-6k to replace the engine. I am kind disappointed with the news, but that was my bad luck then... -
Has not been fixed, cannot find where leak is. Oil all underside of engine. Leaks pretty bad. -
Oil in coolant; head gasket is fine; will require new block. -
Told by dealer that engine has bad / porous casting that lets engine oil and coolant mix once the engine heats up. Repair costs ~4000 -
Same problem. Bought this car for daughter in college which is 4 hours away. Several times she would come down with oil bone dry even after checking oil before her departure. Suspected oil leak. Had radiator hoses repaired and taken to several mechanics. One suggested replacing the head and such.. Started doing research on my own and found out problem with porous engine block. Took car to local mechanic and he found oil in radiator..Recommendation is another engine but at this point I don't trust Honda engines.. Anyone interested in a car?? lol -
My car has starting problems when you try to star the car ..the car is like stacking you have to push the gas to help star the car ...any sugestión ..thanks -
engine oil leak -
Same thing happened. Was a great car. Now time to move on. We are glad we bought the Honda Accord years ago. Didn't know about this issue. -
leaks oil on my carport just a drop and a drop there -
Leaks oil like a sieve. Bought the car new, always serviced and oil changed every 5,000 miles. Have reported the leak to several oil change places and even the dealer. They changed the plug, grommet or whatever it is called. Still leaks. Never looked it up online before now. Maybe it is this porous casting I'm reading about. Car has 200,000 miles on it now. This is the only problem this car has ever had .... well except replacing the air bag twice because of two different recalls! -
Oil in radiator, head gasket replaced same problem....added sealant to radiator. Worked for a while not using excessive coolant -
massive amount of oil in coolant -
I have noticed an engine/oil leak. Had the head gaskets changed, heads machined, water pump changed. Had an oil changed because I thought the oil wasn't changed when they did the head work. Have been adding 1 qt. every 100 miles or so. -
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