the service air bag light, service engine light, traction light, tire gauge, the signal lights doesn't work, and sometimes it will not start. After a while they will start back to working

Brother got stuck in deep amount of snow and kept trying to get out put it in high 4 lower 4 now truck makes noises and gets stuck in small amount of snow two wheels locked up. Wondering if ot takes time to break or if he did it that day when her got stuck

When u turn key she tries to roll over but won't..I've tried boosting it and putting some stuff to Un thaw gas line incase that was it but still won't start please help

Makes a buzzing noise when I turn the key. the lights that blink are the high beam indicator and the ligts on the heater/defroster. there was no indication that anything was wrong with the car three days ago. it just will not start.

it is on the passengers side and I do believe it is some kind of oxygen sensor could that be correct

started in winter - heavy ice and snow. engine will slow down due to error message and states needs maintenice. some days problem will fix itself and engine light goes off. when it ice or uneven road conditions, error msg comes back on and engine power lowered. Frustrated. told at GM dealer would have to replace entire stabilitrack which is approx $500+. first time problem happened, repaired under warranty approx 3-4 year ago. bought veh new in 2009.

there is also a rumbling sound when trying to reverse

Mechanic says its a printed circuit board that operates the window washer. Quoted me $640 parts & labor. Any suggestions?

I have the V6 3.4 engine.