The freeze plug blew out after the engine overheated a few times. GM dealership service center said they tried to put a plug in but it kept coming out. They said because its in the rear of the engine it will cost $1574 to replace.

Headlights wont turn off when the ignition is off, also smoke coming from the steering wheel.

When I look for this so called switch all that comes up is solenoids.. I'm afraid to drive it to the local parts store to have the computer put on it please help

water is on the floor front and back both sides. Amount of water on floor dep on how much it rains

water is on the floor front and back both sides. Amount of water on floor dep on how much it rains

The driveshaft is extremely rusty. I am looking to replace it or have it repaired. However, if I don't need the driveshaft, I will have it removed.

While driving on the freeway the other day I notice the car was sounding a bit rough. Once on a quieter street I turned it off then on and realized my car sounds like a diesel or like I am a teenage boy in a Honda with a spoiler! Noise is present on start up and while driving. Seems like muffler? Any Ideas or is this a costly repair? Car is regularly maintained With synthetic oil. Recently has had issues with the mass air flow, but once it was cleaned it seemed to be rectified.

When we drive the car for a while the breaks will start to apply by themself. It will get to the point when driving fast it will start to shake the car real bad. We disconnected the ABS but did not help. What may be causing this.

Had a front end lined up, then the lights came on

It doesn't happen all the time. The key will turn on a couple times in a row, and then it will act up again

the service air bag light, service engine light, traction light, tire gauge, the signal lights doesn't work, and sometimes it will not start. After a while they will start back to working

replaced everything in fuel tank car tries to start but wont also fuel gauge doesnt work

Can you disconnect the drive shafts and still drive the car

It has a line going vertical with almost diagonal lines going through it, and a half circle next to it.

The sound stops when the car slows down and when it is parked

I think it has the original battery in. Never been worked on. Everything goes dead when I attempt to start. Soon as I release the key, power comes back. Every attempt to start ends with nothing.

07'Pontiac Torrent

I liked when it worked, and would like to repair or return setting. I used to be able to remove my key from ign. and interior and exterior lights would go on. Is there a way to return setting, exterior lights still come on, interior lights work manually but not when key is removed. Any help is appreciated. Laniki

And also I can hear what sounds like water moving in the engine when I give it gas not sure what caused that

door was fine untile yesterday, it felt like somthing inside snaped .I just want advice before I try to repair it myself