When I look for this so called switch all that comes up is solenoids.. I'm afraid to drive it to the local parts store to have the computer put on it please help

When we drive the car for a while the breaks will start to apply by themself. It will get to the point when driving fast it will start to shake the car real bad. We disconnected the ABS but did not help. What may be causing this.

It has a line going vertical with almost diagonal lines going through it, and a half circle next to it.


The engine needle remains revved on high before the vehicle is in drive.

my blinker used to be loud, now it is silent.

Recently had all four tires changed- no problems, Now had the oil changed and am told there is a rear axle seal leaking.

Can this vehicle be towed behind motorhome?

When I brake my brake pedal pulses and the pulse is strong, what could be the cause?

What is the cost to replace the fuel pump in the Pontiac Torrent AWD 6 cylinder

wheels are wobbly and also steering wheel