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I think it has the original battery in. Never been worked on. Everything goes dead when I attempt to start. Soon as I release the key, power comes back. Every attempt to start ends with nothing.
07'Pontiac Torrent I liked when it worked, and would like to repair or return setting. I used to be able to remove my key from ign. and interior and exterior lights would go on. Is there a way to return setti...
And also I can hear what sounds like water moving in the engine when I give it gas not sure what caused that
I replaced the bulb and it still did not work. Tried the old bulb in the right side and the bulb was good.
Vehicle appears to be operating normally.
Replaced the alternator, battery and serpentine belt. Battery will not fully charge. Temperature gauge has turned 180 degrees. Checked all fuses and relays
Right & left brake lights don't work, third light works, bulbs are new, all lamps work, stoplamp fuse is good, what else could it be?
sometimes you need to turn ignition on and off to reset to 0
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and the service traction control light is on and i would like to know what the promble is
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and it says service traction control light is on and i need to know what the promle is
Front passenger power window isn't working (closed). all other windows are fine. Auto door lock in that door is fine. Is it a wiring problem, or something else?
When turning off my Torrent the key locks before it has fully turned off. It has done it three times in the same day and I was wondering if it was my starter or something else. The key gets stuck in the middle posit...