The freeze plug blew out after the engine overheated a few times. GM dealership service center said they tried to put a plug in but it kept coming out. They said because its in the rear of the engine it will cost $1574 to replace.

Headlights wont turn off when the ignition is off, also smoke coming from the steering wheel.

The driveshaft is extremely rusty. I am looking to replace it or have it repaired. However, if I don't need the driveshaft, I will have it removed.

It doesn't happen all the time. The key will turn on a couple times in a row, and then it will act up again

Can you disconnect the drive shafts and still drive the car

The sound stops when the car slows down and when it is parked

door was fine untile yesterday, it felt like somthing inside snaped .I just want advice before I try to repair it myself

The blower Motor worked intermitantly for a couple of days and then stopped working all together. The heat heats up fine and the AC has cold air but the air does not blow out. I have turned he car on and off several times and checked the fuse. Fuse is fine and the air still does not come on. I would like to test it and see if i need to replace it. I have the dashboard off but I am not sure exactly how to get the next blate off to access the blower. Can you help? Do you have picture?

My drivers window all of a sudden stopped working correctly, it goes down fine but to put it up you have to hit the door and then it raises.