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the bulb burned out....I picked up a replacement and it didn't work....brought it back and got a different bulb and that one didn't work either.....do you suppose the plug is bad?
Hear grinding. Without any warning
All doors will lock but only driver's side will unlock with any FOB or switch if temperature is warmer. When outside temperature cools down, problem goes away and all locks function normally. Switches appear to work...
186632 miles and was just filled with AC service 4-15-2013
I just put a new fuel pump on my car.but when I go to start my car it still hasitate to start up.what could b wrong with it? my mechanic told me it could be some kind of security system once I putI put the key in the ...
I never happens once I drive it and restart and also fumes go away after van runs 15 minutes or so. A mechanic suggested I put fuel injector fluid in my gas tank because it could be a gunked up injector. I have ran ...
The van just stopped running. Thought I was out of gas but when added it still wouldn't start. Mechanic says it is the fuel pump. Friends are telling me the cost is too much. Advise please.
Where is the PCV located and how can it be changed?
changed rotors and pads 15,000 miles ago and the inside of the front rotors are worn, and the pads are almost gone, but the outside of each one is fine. This is on both sides in front
what approximately should a repacement master cylinder cost including labor? email:bettyefrances@cox.net