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and pads replaced, balanced wheels and tires and it still does it.
Add antifreeze and maybe 200 miles it overheats
The van goes in and out and has a hard time turning or going without the clutch catching
the bulb burned out....I picked up a replacement and it didn't work....brought it back and got a different bulb and that one didn't work either.....do you suppose the plug is bad?
My 2003 Montana accelerates without pressing on the gas and stays fast even when stopped. It bucks when I first accelerate. What could be going on?
when I press the button for the door, it clicks at the door but motor does not run.
all three inop lights have come on, I do not know what to look for as the problem. lights are always on.
All of a sudden the headlights turned on. Unable to turn off
It does appear to be a common problem on GM cars.
how do i change a fuel sensor in a pontiac montana,my fuel light stays on and it is full?
before it would be a long while to get the heater warm,could the thermostat? or is just somethings poare known for? help
My van starts ok a run on idle but when i drive it an turn rigth or go up hill it looses power an dies
I just got the vehicle yes its a little high mileage but not bad. 168xxx, was told nothing wrong with it, test drove it ect, drove fine. After a day or so it shifted a little hard upshifting but nothin real bad only h...
The battery light will come on when i lose power steering.is there anything electrical that would cause both problems
I got pulled over because my brake light on the driver side remains lit up driving down the road. Also notice that the blinker doesnt work right either.
What can I do? The pads and rotors gave just been done.