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On a drive in real bad rain all of a sudden my fuel gauge acted up. First it went to low then full. Now its stuck on full and service engine light on?!? It drove fine unsure what it could be.
I tested the brake light wire at the tail light and there was no power when i pressed on the brakes. I was hooking up a trailer and convertor all the other lights work on the car and trailer. I disconnected the brake ...
Did a scan and it said it was intermittent high voltage to the MAP sensor. Replaced sensor and still has the same problem. Took it back to get a scan again and same fault pops up. Was told it could be a leaky vacuu...
Possible cable problems as there was slack cable hanging out at back of door opening
I have recently had a used instrument cluster installed into my 2004 Montana van. Now my radio says "locked". How do i get rid of this lock and have my radio back on?
Fuel gauge stays on full when driving. If it sits idling for a time it drops to enpty.
When it rains runs down pillars both sides cant find source of leak
after car sat awhile, was able to start up and drove for approx 2-3 miles before doing the same but the idling sound increased before stopping. haven't tried to start van up since.
Only smell gas when engine is running or right after shutoff. Pulled vacuum hose thinking it was fuel pressure regulator but couldn't detect gas. Doesn't happen every day. No hard start or drivability problems. No...