3.4L Engine

My driver side front door recently stopped latching correctly, and water leaked started to leak in from behind the temp/MPG readout on the ceiling.

I can also hear the wind whistling outside from both the driver side front, and the passenger slider.

The van has 150k miles on it, and so far has run like a charm, but in Michigan, Rust kills... is my frame starting to buckle?

I went to the gas station and when I came out I put the key in the ignition, it dinged once then nothing. I got a jump an hour later. Let it run for about 15 min. Turned it off and immediately wouldn't start I don't know how to get to the battery with the fuse box on top to check connections.

I know it was a recall but because of the mileage I can't get GMC to replace it. I want to get a used tank from a newer Montana but don't know which years would be the same tank but without the defect.

Heat also works in the front of the van but not the back.

a friend said its a pressure control gasket probably bad how long do I have to fix it before the transmission completely fails

when I press the button for the door, it clicks at the door but motor does not run.

all three inop lights have come on, I do not know what to look for as the problem. lights are always on.

Is there a recall I missed.

how do i change a fuel sensor in a pontiac montana,my fuel light stays on and it is full?

before it would be a long while to get the heater warm,could the thermostat? or is just somethings poare known for? help

I checked the fuse under the hood, #8, and that was good.