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and pads replaced, balanced wheels and tires and it still does it.
no brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, or back up lights. the light around the license plate work fine. and so does the light above the rear hatch. everything worked fine yesterday out this morning. when head...
Already replaced the fuse by passenger door,15 amp, and looked under hood but don't know what those big fuses control. Need my power to work.
I thought battery in keys was bad so changed that not it because slider doesnt work with button inside vehicle either.
It does do the bucking around as I am driving, everytime I drive. nothing major with the van other than this,need some good insight on this
when you start the car the oil seal will fail on the filter. I have used several brands, does this on all brands. was told it was a pressure relief valve. replaced the pressuer relief valve in the oil filter area. It ...
The van will go from a cold start to all the way to high temp on the gauge and will start to run rough when it gets to high temp. It will then go down to normal range of temp and will run fine, and then go will back ...
the fuel gauge dances all over the place. and now for no reason that i can see, the cruise control stops working
can not get freon to go into valve Not sure if using right valve
How can I fix the middle bucket seats to recline the knob just moves and nothing happens