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ive replaced both battery terminals and the car will start just fine a handfull of times then out of the blue it just wont start? if i pull the positive or negative cable off for a second put it back on then it starts?
replaced radio with used but same oem radio. Locked appears on screen and I've tried several combo. numbers on preset buttons still locked. Don't want to pay dealer $125 to do it! Please help with any other suggestions.
The Service Engine Soon light is on and stays on. We tried removing and putting gas cap back on, which worked for about 3 weeks, now it's on and that method doesn't work. High mileage, periodically add oil though not ...
As mentioned the service engine soon light came on and stayed on. Opening and re closing the gas cap seemed to work at first, but the light came back on after a few days and stays on. The vehicle has high mileage,it d...
It gets hot after a mile .i stop wait a few minutes restart and then it cools down and its ok
It just started leaking gas a month ago I want to know if my car is under the recall issued by GM in2004?
Where is it located and how can we change it? Code P0340 - camshaft sensor.
Where is it located and how can we change it?? Service engine code P0340 - camshaft sensor. Car will start but will not continue running without keeping foot on the gas pedal.
noise coming from radio, speedometer and tach are jumping up and down when I hear the clicking. Battery has 12 volts. locks, windows, lights nothing working. no flash on radio theftlock light.
it took a while to get the key in now it wont budge or turn, and its not because the steering wheel is locked