When I put my key into the ignition to turn it over it'll start for a second and sputter like there isn't any gas but there's a full tank... Then when I try to turn it over again it won't turn over at all but has power to lights and radio.... The gages don't register at all

I thought at first it was the radiantor fan, but I've never had a jar make that kind of noise before?

With the power and size of these things I assumed there would be a part for me to have a hitch, but there isn't. Is it possible to add one to this vehicle?

When the engine has been warmed up it doesn't have this problem (not idling, but as in already driven)

The climate control panel is dead (the knobs to turn on the fan and blower do not work, but the AC sensor light, rear defogger and rear hatch opener all work. The fuse that is listed in the book looks ok....so what else could it be. Radio works fine too.

It was running fine then it sounded like the whole motor started pecking.. so we changed the plugs, plug wires, oil change, power pack and even the gas... the service engine light stays on steady until u get over 30 mph then it flashes the entire time and it's got that clicking/ticking sound in the motor... any suggestions what else I can do to fix it???

At a red light for to long it turns off the air and radio stay on so yu think its still cranked up until you go to drive put it in park and recranck it and it turns right back on battery light does come on for a few min, what could be the issue?

From the time you start until you turn the vehicle off after driving it ticks. The more you accelerate the louder it gets.

Excellerates even in nutral

Service vehicle soon and the high beam light starts flashing when you put it in gear

my server vehicle soon light comes on and high beams light flashes when in gear

alternator is good but wont charger

I poured green antifreeze into the over flow and main. What should I do?

I need a temp fix until I can get the money to fix

Only when braking the sound is a growling and the vibration is terrible. It gets worse as I slow down and stop until I let off the pedal and speed up. I have replaced the brake pads and rotors. The vehicle stops well. The technical thinks it's the transmission. Need help!

looked at oil but its not that tried Lucas no slip ran fine for a while after but then just stop shifting. automatic tans has new battery do I need a new transmission or could it be something else?

When I am driving any distance when I take a complete stop and take off again it won't shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. However when i shut the engine off and restart it and drive any distance without making a complete stop it shifts perfectly fine.

Ow an we thought may been thermostat too apartchanged it bygone in it opened up but not skew may been stickin .an he had battery unplugged all night we got all back together an now worse wouldn't hardly turn over making a rough lik not getting power somewhere as well Acted a if gonna. Die missing out then I shut off. waited. .an tried again an was worse but started right up an didn't hit gas anything just started an the rpms jumped.to 2/3 grand an never not started an acted lik this also my oil engine low on an its full prob Senor or fuze but my electric fan has never kicked on either but last few weeks noticedhad water or some liquid all over both. Driver & passenger floor board doesn't seem lik aseal but not sure.. ??? Has 150k on motor any ideas??? Need fixed asap only vehicle an single parent ....dot know much bout Pontiacs.. any help on advice be greatly appreciated! Thanks