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Changed lock tumbler, now no power at all except for the dome lights any suggestions?
My machanic says I new one but I can't afford it be repaired except for my my brother in law.
I flushed the radatior and then put stop leak in and filled with coolant and water now it leaked worse than ever but I lost the radatior cap so I drove around without it hoping it would fall and I would find it came h...
I had the transmission fluid drained, replaced along with the gasket and the filter. I am also having problems with the fans that cool the radiator, they are not switching on I assume there is no power getting to the...
Where it's located under the hood and what number is it?
i need to replace the drivers side rear wheel moulding panel on my 2003 aztec , will a panel from a 2001 fit my vehicle
What is best way to determine if issue is in gas tank float...or in the instrumentation display? What are the usual causes of failures like this? How to fix? How expensive? thanks.
Key won't turn, steering wheel locked, but when I pushed the unlock button on door twice, the key turned??? Is this something in the security? I couldn't find anything in manual.
five months ago transmission shifted fine. After sitting for four or five months transmission wont shift out of first gear until 4000 rpms. With light throttle pressure transmission will shift ok.
I want to make sure I am doing the oil change and the rotating of the tires properly
I am a new owner of an Aztek, I am the 2nd owner of the vehicle and it has been very well maintained. Unfortunately,After having it one day the check engine light came on. I am still working on that issue, but the fol...