Only when braking the sound is a growling and the vibration is terrible. It gets worse as I slow down and stop until I let off the pedal and speed up. I have replaced the brake pads and rotors. The vehicle stops well. The technical thinks it's the transmission. Need help!

When I am driving any distance when I take a complete stop and take off again it won't shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. However when i shut the engine off and restart it and drive any distance without making a complete stop it shifts perfectly fine.

Changed lock tumbler, now no power at all except for the dome lights any suggestions?

Macanic macani

My machanic says I new one but I can't afford it be repaired except for my my brother in law.

Or dont buy it

I flushed the radatior and then put stop leak in and filled with coolant and water now it leaked worse than ever but I lost the radatior cap so I drove around without it hoping it would fall and I would find it came home and parked on a small uphill grade in front of my house and water was pouring out!

I had the transmission fluid drained, replaced along with the gasket and the filter. I am also having problems with the fans that cool the radiator, they are not switching on I assume there is no power getting to them to make them turn. What can cause this as well? This has been going on for several weeks now almost over a month.

Where it's located under the hood and what number is it?