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This car was lying in a garage for over a year . I doubt that this gauge must not be working properly .
When I turn the car on i check the fluids check for leeks and everything is good but the noise didn't go alway so I thouth the pump was difected so I went change it and put another one in turn the car on and notice ...
Went down a very bumpy road when I got home and got out notice my back end was higher in the back it looks like the backed was jacked up . I looked in the owner manual found nothing . it actually drives alot smoother ...
Im not getting power to my fuel pump, just replaced fuel pump checked fuse its good, I have constant power to the fuel pump relay but no power to the pump, ive checked power at relay with key off key on and crankihg...
i have every thing but the patron can any one help with that
Also I have a secondary air pump that is making a whinding noise would that cause the light and sputter
Was able to get key out. What should I look at next?
Every single light & gauge will flash on & off on the dash, radio also. Noticing a "ticking" sound in dash (almost like when blinker is on). Starts SOMETIMES... car was dead at one point, put charger on it & battery t...
only on very slow turns of the steering wheel left or right goes away with higher rpm. put new belt and rack-and-pinion in it problem still there.
Speedometer does not work since replacement of rear differential
gears grinding in rear so I have to replace with new unit just want to know if anyone knows the easiest and quickest way to replace
I have removed 12 bolts but shaft is stuck tight and has no give to remove it