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Im not getting power to my fuel pump, just replaced fuel pump checked fuse its good, I have constant power to the fuel pump relay but no power to the pump, ive checked power at relay with key off key on and crankihg...
i have every thing but the patron can any one help with that
Also I have a secondary air pump that is making a whinding noise would that cause the light and sputter
Was able to get key out. What should I look at next?
Every single light & gauge will flash on & off on the dash, radio also. Noticing a "ticking" sound in dash (almost like when blinker is on). Starts SOMETIMES... car was dead at one point, put charger on it & battery t...
only on very slow turns of the steering wheel left or right goes away with higher rpm. put new belt and rack-and-pinion in it problem still there.
Speedometer does not work since replacement of rear differential
gears grinding in rear so I have to replace with new unit just want to know if anyone knows the easiest and quickest way to replace
I have removed 12 bolts but shaft is stuck tight and has no give to remove it
just want to know step by step procedure to replace the entire rear
The car will restart after I stop and stall but everyone I stop it stalls again. The engine light goes on while this is happening and turns off when out isn't raining. Please help! Thank you!
I have a PK3 key for my Pontiac Aztec. I had the SECURITY message show up on my dash earlier today. I shut the car down and when I went to restart the car would not start - however all other systems run. I am advis...