Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG Pneumatic System Leaks May Cause Problems With Seats, Trunk, and Doors

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Leaks in the pneumatic system will cause problems with the dynamic seats and the trunk and/or door closing assist.

I also have this problem. Trunk wont open only manual. Seats dont work and door asist does not work. What needs to be done to fix? Thanks -
changed pneumatic pump -
Trunk lid will not pull itself down. -
I had problem with red light came on with trunk would not close, this was fixed----4 months later red light came on with battery on left side dash and right side said vist for repair. I have a new battery istalled year ago also -
Trunk will not close, $800 -
can't get the trunk open with electronic key or mechanical key. the dealer wants to break the 3rd light brake housing to open the trunk. help! -
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