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I have replaced the damper 11 times during the life of the car.I can drive on new mounts for about 2 or 3 months
Shifter keeps popping out of drive and the car only has 74000 miles on it
Anyone ever use www.primechoiceautoparts.com/ ? Are they any good ?
water pump is fine so is thermostat but gets really hot just taking it around the corner
trying to find out how long the brakelines are from the master cylinder to the back wheels
i only have my right blinker when my headlights are on.
the ignition fuse is blown repased and worked but now it is blown again and it blows the fuses as they are replased turnthe key and it blows
When turning ignition everything comes on but won't start. Makes a sound like humming. This is the second time it has happened. Last time we tightened the terminals and it started but they are tight as can be and s...
i was in jail for three months and in that time no one messed with my car or turned it on. well now it wont start, replaced the starter, ignition coil, battery and crankshaft sensor well it trys but it whines really b...
what is the purpose of the " power hop damper "
what makes a car backfire
Ok I have a 5 speed manual trans. It has been lugging out as i shift from first gear if i push the clutch back in it fixes what is causing the lug what should i do?
2 days ago while driving on the interstate at 70mph WITH cruise control ON and alot of rain when the car suddenly decelerated as if I had turned the cruise control off. We were near an Oasis so we pulled off and I loo...
Why do my windshield wipers just stop working? I was told it is a relay switch but I can't find one. I checked under the hood but there isn't one there.