Dodge Charger Problem Report

Dodge Charger PCM/TCM Software Updates May Address Shifting Problems

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If you experience rough shift and/or shuddering during gear shifting, software updates to the powertrain control and transmission control modules (PCM and TCM) are available which may address these problems. On higher mileage vehicles, a mechanical failure may exhibit similar symptoms. Proper diagnoses should be performed before any repairs or software upgrades are attempted.

ECM/PCM Replaced, problem still the same, engine shuts off when idling, transmission doesn't go into gear, Dealer can't seem to locate the problem, afraid to have an accident. taking it back to the dealer. -
Sometimes, not every time my car will shudder when starting out from 1st to 2nd. If I slow down for a stop sign or light and I don't come to a complete stop and then take off it slips or skips then catches and takes off. This is all at very slow speeds by the way, no abuse of components. -
I noticed that once in a while the ignition seemed "stuck" but it would happen once every few months. Then a couple of months ago it started shaking when in park or at a red light. Now, its shuddering when im trying to gain speed between 30 to 40 or on the highway. I bought it used with 34000 miles from a reputable dealership in January of 2011, I wonder if they sold me a lemon. -
At least once a week while driving my 2006 dodge charger lose's power. I can only go 25 to 40 mile's. It will also roll back when in drive like it's not in gear. -
Intermittent hard shifting from 1st to 2nd, or exactly at 10 mph, very similar to report #3. Mechanic reset error message in computer but it is happening again. -
shudderring feel when shifting from first to second gear -
It seems the shudder would happen at slow speeds, 10-15 mph when rolling thru my subdivision. It almost feels like the MDS is kicking on, and the tranny is at too high a gear (3rd, when it should be in 2), and the engine struggles to get up the small incline in my neighborhood, before it will downshift. My PCM just got flashed at the dealership a couple days ago and I believe it may have fixed the issue. I am going to pay attention to it now to confirm. -
Had the TCM/PCM software update a month ago due to check engine light on and it just happened again 1/10/11. I was accelerating at low speed and it shuddered from 1st to 2nd and I got instant RPM drop/power loss until low RPM, then back to normal acceleration. Car drives ok but I'm taking back to the dealer for service. -
Torque converter clutch shudder at cruise and during downshift. Started after engine removal rebuild reinstall. 15,000 miles driven on rebuild is fine. Doesn't shudder when in manual tcm downshift. -
My 08 charger does the same, I can be going 70 and all of the sudden my speed start dropping down to like 20 or 30 mph..still need help on this problem -
Car shifts very hard into gears and often times won't shift past 2nd gear. -
Rings around all the gear indicators will not go in gear if on and while driving if the proem happens car is stuck in 1st gear -
Rattling noise coming from shift linkage (possibly) Even though transmission was shifting normal -
I have been experiencing a "hard shift" from 3rd-4th gears while driving. The "low oil" light comes on with chiming. -
Harsh shift from 1st to second gear. And as of today, it would take shift into 2nd gear unless I drive hard, and get rpms to 6000, and then it shifts into 2nd gear. It is going into dodge dealership Thursday for diagnosis and software update. -
I went to oreillys auto part store and tried to put new a battery in my car then these codes came on .Can you help me figure out this problem -
My car shifting has been 'different' since I bought it used a year ago. Tonight (3/20/14) I lost all but 1st gear. My check engine light came on as well. -
shifts hard going in second gear -
When trans downshifts to 2nd after making a low speed turn it up shifts hard into 3rd. Happens more often if outside temps are below 30 degrees. Dealer changed the "INPUT SPEED SENSOR" and it seemed to help for a day or so but it still wasn't right so they did a "re-flash" based 0n a TSB (technical service bulletin)that was issued and now its worse and back to slamming into 3rd again - just can't seem to get it right - thanks again CHRYSLER! So at this point there doesn't appear to be a solution to our problem and eventually Chrysler will probably try to blame it on the consumer as they have done in the past. -
about one week ago i started to feel a jump in the tranny at slow speeds. now everytime i take off from a stop sign or light i am physically being thrusted forward as the car shifts from 1st to 2nd gear. the car decides what it wants to do on its own, no driver input needed. sometimes it starts accelerating rapidly and other times it acts as if my foot isn't even on the accelerator. i have noticed if i put the accelerator to floor while taking off it helps...sometimes. -
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