Honda Accord Hybrid Problem Report

Honda Accord Hybrid passenger fornt auto. door lock

(12 reports)
when pessing the door key pad,the key into the lock or the driver door lock butten all doors respond except the front passenger door. To lock the car I have to reach over and manualy open or lock it. I have undone the neggative side of battery waited one hour and reset code and time but to no avail. Any Help or is this adealer only idem . -
My key button will not unlock the drivers door. Once I physically unlock the drivers door the key button will unlock the rest of the doors. When I press the button it makes a sound like it's trying to unlock it but won't. -
Unresponsive passenger lock. All doors and trunk respond to remote except passenger door. -
Passenger Side Front door only locks/unlocks manually. -
Passenger door lock doesn't work with remote, or electric locks. Have to manually lock and unlock. Must be a something stupid if this many people have the exact same problem. -
Passenger door will not unlock or lock with key our remote. Have to manually lock and unlock door. -
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