Volkswagen Jetta Problem Report

Volkswagen Jetta Check Engine Light Due to Oxygen and/or Coolant Temperature Sensor Fault

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate as a result of a oxygen sensor and coolant temperature sensor fail. Replacement if the failed part will be necessary to correct this issue.

Replaced thermostat -
All of sudden while driving my check engine icon lit up. Had a dealership run the code and was a bad O2 sensor. Haven't replaced it yet since I am not too concerned due to it being only an emissions issue however I have noticed about a 30% decrease in my fuel economy since the O2 sensor failed. I was quoted that the repair will run me around $200 - $250 including labor. -
engine light came on and ended up being a coolant issue and was the themostate. -
Temp Sensor failed, which made the engine light to go off. VW quoted me at around $600. Got it repaired at a private auto shop for less than $200 (if I remember correctly). -
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The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a faulty oxygen sensor and/or coolant temperature...
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i have a po112 code showing need to know what it is and were it is .
The problem has been for 7 months now, It has gone in to 3 diffrent speicalized shops. The car...

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