Check Engine Light Due to Failed Oxygen Sensor on Toyota Tundra

One or more oxygen sensors may fail resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

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Average mileage: 108,993 (13,688–226,025)
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006
60 people reported this problem
28 people shared problem details
Check engine light came on...took to AutoZone to scan bad O2 (oxygen) sensor...ignored due to truck still running fine...checked again, periodically, and now 3 years later - all O2 sensors bad...but still runs! Can this lead to other problems?
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2004 Toyota Tundra98,000
Engine light came on, had it checked at auto zone, reading of circuit low 02 sensor bank 1 sensor1. Truck is jerking when excelerating, is this caused by the sensor problem?
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Check engine light came on and had it diagnosed for the O2 sensor. Coincidently, my previous truck was a T-100 with same drive train. When that O2 sensor went out at 121000 miles, the service advisor let it slip that the computer is set to trigger an O2 sensor replacement at or near 120000 miles. How coincidental is it that nearly every complaint listed here (self included) has a problem at the 120000~ mile range..... Currently have 226k miles on my tundra and am patiently awaiting the check engine light to come on again.... maybe the consimer guru recently appointed should get Toyota to refund this 'rigged' repair... or remove the computer trigger or, reduice the repair cost if this is truely a time change component!
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2001 Toyota Tundra63,000
Check engine lite came on.. Replaced gas cap.. Lite turned off by tech 150 miles later lites on but could not do nys inspection module not reading. Truck drove by tech,,o 2 sensor replaced. Still not clearing module. Truck running fine. What is Toyota tundra reset routine? I found a generic method on dmv web site. Any thing special for my 2001 truck 63000 miles V8? Not fixed...
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2002 Toyota Tundra86,000
had both top oxygen sensors go out replaced them myself for about $60. ea. & saved a bundle over the dealer service dept. You will need a special socket for the sensor (my neighbor had one) Not very difficult if I can do it. You of course need to know which ones are out ! Most parts stores will scope it for you. Good luck
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2003 Toyota Tundra101,000
Failed o2 senser. Engine light
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2002 Toyota Tundra134,000
dealership stated that engine light was on because two oxygen sensors had failed. I have not repaired yet but the estimate for repair was $650.
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2002 Toyota Tundra60,000
sensor went bad and was relpaced
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Check engine light came on...o2 sensor replaced.
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Had one sensor on left front bank go out but I was smart I bought all four. Sure enough after I replaced it the rear sensor on second bank went out not that long after so being that I had all of them I replaced every one and now been ok. Next time one goes out I'll end up buying all four again save yourself the trouble
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2000 Toyota Tundra199,600
Check engine light came on ~199,600. No symptoms, so drove another ~1,500 miles before taking it in. Paid dealer ~$463 to replace O2 sensor (bank1 sensor1).
2001 Toyota Tundra55,000
ultimately had to replace all 4 sensors
2000 Toyota Tundra154,000
Engine light came on...code was for bank 1 ,#2 sensor....told at parts store that's the one before the cat.converter...180.00 later.....replaced that same sensor one year ago ???? Bosche makes them,NGK, there a preferred?or are they all made in China....? also heard fuel injector cleaner effects their longjevity.
2006 Toyota Tundra126,000
My limited slip stopped working and these Cluster lights limited slip, vsc off, vsc trac, and check engine lights are on. Took it to toyota of Renton to have it scanned. They said its one of my o2 sensors. To find out what one they want $130 just to diagnose it plus the cost of repair and part. I will do the work myself.
The check engine light came on. I got the truck checked at the dealership and they could not diagnose the issue properly. I was told that the O2 sensors were bad so I got them replaced. The light came back on again. I contacted a friend who works at another dealership, he said the machanics see this alot and said it can also be from a cracked exhaust manifold. This is apparently a problem that is frequent in the Tundra. Waiting on a recall.
2003 Toyota Tundra164,000
check engine light came on and Auto Zone checked and said it was Sensor issue.
2000 Toyota Tundra105,000
replaced two sensers
2004 Toyota Tundra13,688
same problem with c2 sensors . any recalls
2002 Toyota Tundra109,110
Check engine light. Bad O2 sensor. 15K more and a second sensor near the catalytic converter needed replacement.
Replaced one oxygen sensor now the second one has gone to.
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