Toyota Sienna Problem Report

Toyota Sienna Check Engine Light Due to Failed Oxygen Sensor

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One or more oxygen sensors may fail resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

The engine light comes on along with vsc light. -
oxigen sensors may fail resulting in ilumination of check engine light -
Not sure about mileage. Had to have 2 sensors replaced within a couple of years. Mechanic suggested clicking gas cap at least 7 times when tightening. Have had no problems since...fingers crossed. -
Initial problem was indicated by "Check Engine" light. Follow-up with a OBD-II code reader (a $40 must-have item for a DIY repairman) pin-pointed a faulty Air/Fuel sensor on rear exhaust manifold. Replaced with a new sensor (about $160) from local parts store. Access to the sensor is cramped and limited, but certainly do-able. Cleared codes, replaced sensor, drove for 100 miles, passed state emissions inspection, no issues after 2 months. -
Check engine light came on at about 25000 miles. Toyota dealership found thatboth O2 sensors were bad . I had them replace them at about $600. At 50,000 miles the O2 sensors went bad again. This time I did not bother replacing them as the gas mileage not noticeably affected. But, I need to stare at the check engine light every day. -
The van functionally is great. It does not affect the way it drives at all. The check engine light came on and Auto Zone ran a diagnostic test; this test indicated that one of my O2 sensors was bad. -
not fixed yet, check engine light due to oxygen sensors problem. 226$ for the parts, not sure it worth it. -
Very upset. Oxygen and fuel sensors bad on Toyota Sienna that only has 13,000 miles on it and has been impeccably maintained. Not a Toyota fan if I am going to have to pay for this. -
Replace downstream front bank (left side) oxygen sensor - to turn off check engine light and pass inspection. -
Had to replace both oxygen sensors in past four years. -
Just the check engine light stays on and the dealer stated it is the o2 sensor. -
This is a known problem - pretty much all of the O2 sensors will crap out at about 100,000 miles. the 2001 Sienna has 3 sensors - two (the frontunder hood easy access and the rear under the vehicle easy access) can be taken care of by the home mechanic. Order OEM sensors off of ebay. the third )2 sensor is a total bitch to get to - I hired a guy off of Cragistlist - took him about an hour to get the old one off and plug in the new one) - there are some good DIY resources on line for this. Also my knock sensors went out in the engine at around 100K - did the same think - senors off of ebay and a relable mechanic to install. -
Check engine light and vacation light is on on the dashboard -
vsc and check engine light is on -
Failed oxygen sensor -
The oxygen sensor failed and needed to be replaced. -
Two oxygen sensors failed. Dealership says they traced it to the car computer, which was blowing various things (back windshield wiper control: 3 times, oxygen sensors: 2). -
Just had a $500.00 bill from the Toyota dealer for repairing the o2 sensor. Seems awful steep but the dash warning lights would not go off until it was repaired and would not pass DMV inspection. -
check engine light came on. Drove for an year like that. Now for state emission test need to fix it. Changed one sensor ( 89467-41040 ) but light came back after driving few miles. Have ordered second sensor and hope it will solve the problem to pass emission test. $150.00 + $ 130.00 -
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