Chevrolet Astro Problem Report

Chevrolet Astro Outside Door Handles May Break

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The outside door handles are prone to breaking—all doors are affected by this condition.

handle broke can open back door -
Both door handles broken....have ordered new ones. Seems to me another Government Motors (GM)design flaw..!! Can't wait for Nomobama care to start up...(once we can ACTUALLY sign up for it)...on that gubmnt' web site..!! -
I had the same problem with the driver's door. You can buy the replacement handles at the auto parts store. I followed the instructions in my Haynes manual with some success. It took myself longer to than what the instructions stated, and I had to disassemble the lock assembly to put everything back together. This part wasn't apart of the instructions. -
Door handle busted. Am replacing it now -
Door handles broke.....all of them. -
This is a common problem in Chevys. My family has owned several Suburbans & Chevy trucks with the same problem. The issue is not the door handle itself, but the spring that releases the door wears out, causing passengers to pull again and again on the handle because the door is hard to open. You can replace the handle, but without replacing the spring, it will happen again. -
Back door handle stopped working. -
Door handles front doors both broke off -
Front power locks quit working -
door handle of driver side is broken -
Outer door handle broken and rear seal on tranny leaks -
door handle broke at the usual spot. I open my door from the inside now. -
Driver's door handle broken. Could not install top nut, so I left it off. 20000 miles later the replacement handle is still doing OK. -
240000 miles. Driver handle replaced twice -
Door handles brake or inside rods come apart -
same problem also my electrical windows don't work -
I have replaced the driver outside door handle 4 times. Now I just let it stay broke and climb through passenger side....annoying! !!!! -
The handles on my chevy astro 1994 they broke and the setup on the inside nobody seems to be able to repair in a way that it lasts. -
Door handle has been broken 1/2 way a few years after I purchased the van. I must say even though one side of it broke the other side has not broken off and this is the drivers side. -
Handle to back hatch and driver door broke. -
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Right front power door window will go down but it is very slow going up.

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