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Turn headlights on, defrost turns off, dash lights off, while headlights on, apply brakes and headlights blink?
When I go to start my car, it doesnt crank or start, makes not one sound at all. Does that mean that my starter went bad?
it seems like my car is dead I get nothing when I turn the key
Noticed like a metal grinding noise in the front of the car. First noticed when it was idling, stopped when I started driving. Then noticed it every time I started the car as well and would cease seconds after and dri...
I want to gain access to the cradle bolt nut without taking it all apart. I have the new nut and bolt, but I don't want the big expense of taking it to a shop. I want to do it myself.
I have a 97 Cutlass Supreme. A month ago it was fine now suddenly about a week ago it wont start. Here is a list of some issues I noticed and hope someone will read this with some helpful information. Car wont start ...
I needed to take off a lot of overstuff to get at it. I replaced everything but now my car idles very fast. How do I adjust it? Their are tow bands that connect to a wheel that turns the car on and when I depress it, ...
the fan belt and pully's and water pump are on the passengers side.
I put a light tester to the wires leading to them and got nothing. I think it could be the relay but how do I know for sure. Is there a way to test them or see if the fans motors are working?
I noticed that the 2 fans directly behind the radiator are not spinning, when I'm in park and allowing the car to get hot? could that be the problem and how to fix?
fuel guage tach ,speedometer and temp guage also don't work if this is a fuse issue which fuse is it
shud it be changed,now I get going 60+ and it hesitates and today I started to power and I had the gas to the floor and it came out of it but any idea why?
checked all fuse every single one is good. is there some other fuse that also works along with the brake & turn single one's Thank you for your attention to my problem.